Ordering with us could not be easier

Our sales staff are available to accept telephone orders between 8:30am – 5:30, Monday – Friday.  As a company we do not use product codes much preferring to work with descriptions for universal type products e.g Full nuts, however where specific models are required – Power tools for example, we are perfectly able to use these and can offer alternate options if the desired model has been superseded.

Orders can be submitted via email or fax 24hrs a day for those that work outside of “usual” working hours or use written purchase orders.  All orders received via these methods are acknowledged by our staff to offer peace of mind that your order is being processed.

ALL orders are treated with the same level of professionalism and care, whether for 100no M4 nuts or 50,000 pairs of gloves.  Where possible we try and operate a “first come first served” system for fairness but when a same day delivery is required these are given a priority.

Where quotations are required these are provided in written form for clarity and include any additional information such as alternative options, delivery times and any bulk quantity discount that may be available.